Whether you have a turn of the century gun or present day firearm, or somewhere in between, our gunsmith is an expert at performing some of the best gun repair services in the twin cities. From deep cleaning and repairs to simple or extensive modifications, we’ll make sure your gun is working at the highest level possible.

Our gunsmithing services provide you the confidence that all components of your gun are working together fluidly. Both weather and time can cause certain parts to expand or contract. A gun can collect dust even if in a case. A successful fire requires a few actions to take place in synch and small glitches between two moving parts can not only hinder your firing, but also prove to be dangerous. Our gunsmith will ensure a successful and safe fire.


Pistol Sight Install

We can mount or push new sights onto your handgun with precision tools.

A discount of $5 is available if the customer purchases the sights
WITH the install. Previously or separately purchased sights are not eligible
for this discount.

Pistol RDO Install – $40

Your red dot mounted to your optic cut slide, and co-witnessed with your iron

Iron Sight Install – $40 / $50

A set of iron sights installed on your pistol. $40 for single dovetail (Glock
Style), $50 for double dovetail (Sig, FN, Beretta, etc.)

Scope Mounting, Leveling, and Boresighting

Have your scope mounted at the proper eye relief, and the reticle leveled to your
gun professionally.  Includes laser boresighting, to get your gun on

A discount of $10 is available if the customer purchases the
sights WITH the install. Previously or separately purchased sights are not
eligible for this discount.

Magnified Optics – $50

Have your scope mounted at the proper eye relief, and the reticle leveled to your
gun professionally. 

Fixed Mount Optics – $40

We can mount your red dot or holographic sight, and torque to spec for you. Also
includes threadlocker and boresighting.

Rifle Zeroing

Customers must provide a minimum if (20) rounds of the ammunition they wish their rifle
to be zeroed with.

25yrd “Battle” Zero – $50

A 25 yard “Battle” Zero will have your gun on target. We will calculate
the height over bore offset for your gun, and set the zero appropriately.

100yrd Doppler Confirmed Zero – $100

A 100 yard Doppler Confirmed Zero utilizes doppler radar, calibrated height over
bore, and measurable ammunition characteristics to calculate the perfect zero
for a 100 yard shot. Customers will be provided with a ballistic dope sheet for
their particular ammunition.

Build / Customize

Your gun can be assembled or customized to your preferences, using precision tools
and techniques. Prices quoted are for labor only.

-AR-15 Assembly – $100

We will fully assemble your AR-15 style rifle for you using the parts you provide.
For highly complex builds (Odd handguards, non Mil-Spec receivers, etc), there
may be a $50 upcharge.

-AR-15 Handguard/Barrel Install – $50

New handguard? Barrel swap? We can replace your handguard and/or your barrel for
you, timed and torqued. Pinned gas blocks may require an additional complexity

-AR-15 Trigger/Safety Install – $40

We can install new fire control components on your rifle for you. $40 for the
trigger and safety.

-AR-15 Stock Installation – $35 / $50

Professional stock installation ensures that your receiver extension doesn’t come loose on
the range. $35 for a fixed or collapsing stock. $50 for a folding adapter.

-Rifle Muzzle Device Install – $35

Replace or add a muzzle device to your threaded barrel. Includes torque, timing, and
ceramic threadlocker (Excludes Pinned and Welded muzzle devices).

-Picatinny / M-Lok accessory Install $25


Lacking a torque wrench and proper threadlocker? We can install your picatinny and
m-lok accessories for you. $25 for the first item, and then only $10 for each
item after that.

-Pistol Trigger Install – $35 / $50

Upgrade the trigger in your handgun. Glock & FN Triggers, $35. All others, $50.

-Magazine Extension Installation – $10

Avoid the hassle of installing your magazine extension. We’ll do it for you.

Other Services

-Firearms Cleaning – $50 / $75

We can get your gun clean and lubed for you. $50 per handgun, $75 per long gun.

-Diagnostic Work – $50

Something wrong with your gun? We can look it over and identify any issues we discover,
and provide a quote for repairs if possible. Customers must provide ammunition
for the firearm to be function checked.

Due to the wide and varied nature of firearms, we may not be able
to obtain parts for every firearm.

Something Else? – $50/hr

Have something you want done that’s not listed here? Talk to us and we’ll see what
we can do for you. Gunsmith labor will be billed at $50 per hour ($35 minimum .

Contact us for more pricing information and available services.

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Terms & Conditions


It is illegal to ship firearms to anyone not holding an active Federal Firearms License (FFL). For that reason, firearms purchased online may be picked up at our store or shipped to an FFL (gun store) near you. We may contact and verify the FFL you select during checkout before we ship your firearm(s). The buyer is encouraged to contact the receiving FFL licensee before purchase.


If there is an issue your purchase, please contact us within 15 business days of purchase. Depending on the reason for the request of a return, a restocking fee may be charged.

All Ammunition and Firearm sales are final.

For online orders the firearm is ready to be picked up at your FFL, Please INSPECT THE FIREARM THOROUGHLY to make sure it is what you ordered and that there are no defects with the firearm. If there are any problems, DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER!! We will gladly have the firearm picked up and returned to us from your dealer at our expense and provide you with your choice of a REPLACEMENT or REFUND. Once you accept transfer from your dealer, the gun is considered used and must be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement. No returns to The Modern Sportsman after a transfer has been accepted.
Sales on the following items are final:

  1. Special orders.
  2. Products sold “as is” or “used” or that have an optic thats been installed or used after receipt.
  3. NFA items.
  4. Illumination devices, electronic sights and optics.


Used firearms may not be returned. All sales are final. Description and photos (if available) are provided by the seller.


All firearms, magazines, receivers and restricted law enforcement items are sold and shipped in accordance with all existing federal, state and local laws and regulations. Many of the firearms, magazines and parts for sale on this website may be restricted or prohibited in your area. Please check your local and state regulations before ordering.

All new firearms are shipped in the original manufacturer’s box, with magazine(s), accessories and applicable warranty. Firearms requiring warranty work must be returned to the factory within 1 year of purchase for repair. Accessories and special order items not normally sold by our store will not be covered under warranty even if these products are part of an integrated firearms package, unless we have guaranteed the entire package in writing. Please contact the original manufacturer for warranty information on all accessories and special order items.


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If item states “Available In Store”, this does not guarantee availability. If an item is no longer available after purchase, we will offer the immediate refund or offer a similar item.

There are many accessories and firearm parts that are in store but not listed on our website.

Please call or email with any questions regarding availabilty of an item


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You must be 18 or older to purchase rifle or shotgun ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. All ammunition will be shipped ground with adult signature required. Always make sure to use the correct ammunition for your specific firearms. Check your local laws for any other regulations.

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